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Reading the agreement, scared the crap out of me.Why such long agreement all I wanted to do was look medication. But I am to Afraid mostly because I probably wouldn't even know if I did something wrong and do not want to go to jail especially since I'm not educated enough to know what I did. So thank you for your honesty RemarkIn my practice it is observed that chemists avail drugs depending upon their choices based on verious offers, schemes. Dr. is not sure of availability of drug as per need of patient. Drug Index should provide list of drugs as per the highest availability and cost of it. It would help Dr. to select cheapest brand for convenience of his patient. Unreliable InformationThe information about Brand names, composition of drugs and manufacturers name are very old and not updated at all. In more than 90% of the cases composition of medicines have not been updated, newer and running brand names are not added, Names of the companies now having rights to manufacture or marketing has not been changed or updated. In short not a reliable app. DON'T USE ITWASTE OF TIME!!! why would someone use it, if can't work offline? users look for such app

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on the go, offline.... or else the can search anything in google. right?

Nooglesoft November 3, 2016

We are working offline option , once it will ready we will update . Thanks for the comments.Incomplete drug listI searched for 3 drugs that I am currently taking and not one of them was found. Its AmazingAmazing database, though I could save for offline will be much better or forward to whatapp to doc. Also need Google linked here on other information about drug. 1) Not Offline!!! 2) Disorganized text in drug "Over View" page. Plz fix the problmApp not running properly, on search getting stopped. Vasim khanGood aap but not cover all drugs Good app needs improvementIt would become the best, in case it shows current price, and combination thread search e.g. I want a combination of Cetrizine, Pseudoephedrine and Dextromethorphan It's very important app medical practice Device authentication failed, what's there to authenticate? It is useful to get information about salt reaction. Good app still not contains many brand names NiceVery helpful for Medical interns Some what better than other It helps me a lot thanks On GoLet see Very niceBhargav Paliwal No offlineNo offline It's to nice to learn more about drug Good app

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