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List of Splendid Literary Research Paper Topics

Literature is the art of written work which literally means “things made from letters”. Literature basically means the work of prose and poetry that is especially well written in any language. English literature is a broad history itself. There are innumerous topics for research papers. We can put them into groups of language, historical periods, poetry, novels, origin, genre and subject. When you have to work on a literary research paper then you should consider these groups. Pick any of the group of your interest and search for the most appropriate research paper topic for your paper. Literature can also be taken as imaginary or creative work. The best and also the tricky part about writing a literary paper is that you have so many options to write on. You can pick up the topic as per your choice and reading. Here is

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a list of literary research paper topics to assist you in your creative work:

• Fantasy Literature • Indian writings in English • American literature • Edgar Allan Poe • Victorian literature • Woman’s Role in William Shakespeare’s Plays • Human Relations and Bonds in Silas Marner • Gabriel Garcia Marquez • Poetry Evolution in Victorian Age • An Overview of Ornamentation of Language • Great Expectations • Italian Literature • Jane Austen • African-American literature • Postmodern Literature • Elizabethan literature • Romanticism in Literature • Transcendentalism in Literature • Escapism of Humans in Wordsworth’s Lucy • Human Life through Charles Dickens’s Novels • Pioneers of Romantic Poetry – Shelly and Keats • The Critique in Shakespearean Plays • Elizabethan’s Dramas’ Tragic Hero

• Supernatural Element in Literary Works

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