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Standard final inspection report

Final inspection of the product is very important stage that need to care of the inspection and its procedures are very deeply taken the time and details to possible quality inspection of the product possible to positively conduct. Quality inspection that is final inspection is the mirror works that inspector should be neutral about the product results.

When any customer complain raised to concern product and its realizations that only quality is responsible, reason is the right of the pass the material having only quality peoples. If the quality people are reject the material that should be no one interferes in the material compromised in any case.

Requirement of standard final inspections on depends on the material and its flow of the quality inspection, but the basic functionally will remain same, some standard required steps are given for the inspection as below:

  1. Preparations

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    of inspection & documentation

  2. product handle for inspection
  3. inspection method
  4. Equipment/ devices / tools
  5. Final inspection
  6. non conformity
  7. documents / records

As above points final inspection ducting and finalize the material for the quality pass, for the each points there too much effort required like preparation of inspection and documentation is not a single process that all the concern documents are need for the start the inspection like QAP for the product, third party notes, material test certificates of raw materials etc.. As the same each steps need a lots of effort as requirement of the quality department.

As general requirement, here ready made format is given as reference of the final inspection, this report format help to manage inspection for any kinds / any manufacturing products.

standard final inspection report


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