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Kerala Para-medical council

Kerala Para Medical council bill 2007 is pending before the Kerala Legislative Assembly. Recognition by the Council is mandatory for paramedical professionals, training institutions and their courses once the act comes into effect. The Council will have powers to withdraw recognition if they fail to comply with its stipulated conditions.

     An Executive council in the name of Kerala Paramedical council was formed as per the order No GO (Ms).No.73/2002/H&FWD dated 21.03.2002 for the purpose of discharging the duties of the council till the statutory bill is implemented. The council consists of Para Medical categories like Medical Laboratory Technology, Radiology Technology, Ophthalmic Technology, Operation Theatre Technology, Neurotechnology, Cardiovascular

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Technology, Health Inspector course and those courses which may be introduced in the near future.

The power and functions of the Para medical council are - 
 To control and maintain the quality of paramedical service and education.
 Registration of candidates who fulfills the prescribed qualification of the council.
 Recognition of the training institutions.
 Identifying the institutions with required infrastructure.
 Recommending recognition.
 Academic aspects such as prescribing  unified syllabus,eligibility for admission, qualification of faculties conducting   examinations.
 Recognition of the courses conducted  by Universities,AICTE/UGC/IM.
 Prescribing uniform fee structure for different courses.
  Updating of knowledge and welfare of Para medical professional etc.

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