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6th Semester Civil Engineering (2013-December) Question Papers

  1. 1. 10cv64 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 I Jan.2Ol4 Geotechnical Engineering - ll a) o o Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks:100 ! Note: 1. Answer any FIVE full questions, selecting 6 C) o oX I a. 6e =n -oo lL F€ b. i: y() otr -o OI) c. o= 6: o() PART - A Define terms with reference to ru-plirrgfrb., *ith a neat sketch. i.1 Inside clearance ratio ii) Or,ri64,,clearance ratio iii) Area ratio iv) Recovery ratio. Indicate. Indicate the recommended values to get least disturbed samples. '(08 Marks) Explain briefly the spacing and depth of boring or open pit adopted for various civil (06 Marks) engineering structures. Estimate ground watei,table, with the following .data : Depth upto which water boiled out : 15.0m ; Water ris.e ip first day : 0.80m ; Water rise in second duy :0.70m ; Water rise in third day: 0.60m. (06 Marks) 2 a. What are the assumptions and limitations of Boussinesq theory of concentrated loads to determine stresses in soil? (04 Marks) b. Explain contact pressure distribution in soils. (06 Marks) c. Construct the Newmark's chart with an influence factor of 0.005 with 20 sectors and find the vertical stress a point A Fig.Q2(c) at a depth of i 5m for the uniformly loaded area with a (to_M-arks) load of 250kN/m2. Y-Q-to m , b0< 9= =. a6 OE fn ,:,1 :o o!v oi i, tE Fig.Q2(c) !o JE >' ttr botbo o= so o- U< -N 0) llLls.n p_ a. b.,,, -s*1?T'{&L *tIu*u** I I I I rtrA 3o m -_{ What is flownet? List the properties of flow nets. Indicate the uses of flow net. (08 Marks) What is Phreatic line? Enumerate the steps to obtain phreatic line in earthen dams with filter. (08 Marks) c. For a homogeneous earthern dam 52m height and 2.0m free board. The flow net has 22 potential lines and 5 flow channels. Calculate the discharge per meter length of the dam. (04 Marks) The K of the soil is 22 x 10-6 m/s. a. What are the assumptions and limitations o Z ! b. c. of Rankine and Coulomb's earth pressure (07 Marks) theories? Explain Culmann's graphical method of finding out the Active earth pressure. (07 Marks) A retaining wall retains a cohensionless back fill with a height of 7.5m. The top 3.0m of the backfill has a unit weight of 18kN/m3 and $ : 300. Lower 4.5m of the backfill has unit weight of 24kN/m3 and O : 200. Obtain pressure distribution diagram and determine the (06 Marks) total active earth pressure and its point of application. 1 nf )
  2. 2.10cv64 a. PART - B What are the causes of failure of slopes? Explain various types of failure of slopes. b. Explain method of slice to determine the factor of safety against failure of finite slope. c. A canal having side slopes 1:1 is proposed to be constructed in a cohesive soil to f iffiT)f 5m below g_round surface. The soil properties are as follows : 0, : 150 ; C,, : 12kNim2 € : 1 .0 ; G : 2.65. Find the factor of safety with respect to cohesion against failure of the (06 Marks) ., bank slopes when the canal subjected to sudden drawdown of water. The stability number is 0.t26, (04 Marks) ,: , a. b. c. Define :' i), Ultimate bearing capacity ii) Net ultimate bearing capacity iiD Safe bearing cdpacity ir) Allowable bearing pressure. (04 Marks) Explain plate lo.pd,lest with neat sketches to determine bearing capacity soils. (10 Marks) A foundation 2.0in:!Quare is installed 1.2m below ground level in sandy soil having unit weight of 19.2kN/# above water table and submerged'unit weight of 10.1kN/m2. tf b : O and Q : 300. Find ultimate bearing capacity when i) Water table is well below the base of foundation iit Water table rises to the base of foundation iii) Water table rises to ground level. Take No :22 bnd N,: 20. : (06 Marks) a. Explain importance and concept of settlement analysis. (06 Marks) b. Explain BIS specifications for total and differential settlement of footings and raft.1ot Marks) c. A 8.0m thick clay layer with singlehrainage settles by 120mm in 2 yeais. The coetficient of consolidation for this clay was found to be 6 x 10-5mm2/S. Calculate the likely ultimate consolidation settlement and find out how long it will take to undergo 90% of this settlement. a. Enumerate the factors influencing the selection (06 Marks) of depth of t ,t b. What are the factors influencing allowable bearing pressure? c. Classify the.File foundation anJ explain briefly. ..,. foundation and choice of (08 Marks) (04 Marks) (08 Marks)
  3. 3./ r0cv62 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 lJan.2ol{ Design and Drawing of RG Structures Time: 4 hrs. Max. Marks:100 Note: 7. Answer anJ) TWO full questions from Part-A und ONE question from Pqrt-&. ,..2. (Ise of 15456-2000 and SP-16 is permitted. 'r. Ot,tru e missing data o suitarrl.r_^ = E () () 3e I Prepare a centre line drawing showing foundation layout for columns and walls of a building shown in Fig.Ql. Size of footing for column Cr : 1 .2m xl.5m and fur column Cz :1.0m x 1.0m. Concrete bed for footing is 100 mm thick and project 75 mm beyond the footing. Width of foundation trench foi wails = 900 mm and for corridor basement = 0.5m. Also draw the slab and (20 Marks) beam layout with suitable dimension and notations. . =n -on goo .=N (!(! E(! J(J O1= ag o.. a*att !o 6.e > (F 5ao :o o- U< -.i 6i ; o z a Clco(unu A9O rnn, x 50*,ro 3'lol g Srtop q 3mx5p 3 rvrt sm I r t '-I r11 * I o> ail a= L

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    cosrDtR 1,50m wloE t-Ldl 7-_<---=-_ .(9.*q4. I .lr Cr Cor^uur AE# mn*|{O*+.CzC-oq{.qr 3oo x3oo tnwr Rwi, TqrcnNrrss oF wALLs ?FO mrr. ':ifuee42Fig.Ql :' Rectangular RC beam.of'Cross-section 300 x 450 mm is supported on four columns which are equally placed at 4 m centre to centre. The columns are 300mm- x 350mm with 8 bars of 12 mm and stirrups of 8 mm diameter at 250 c/c. The beam reinforcement consists of 4 bottom bars of 20 mm at midspan and top hanger bars of diameter 72 mm two nurl,rbers throughout the beam. The additioaal reinforcement at all supporls (-ve reinforcement) : 3 baqs of 16 mm diameter. Two bars of positive reinforcement have been curtailed near each support. Vertical stirrups of 8 mm diameter are placed at230 mm c/c. Use Mzo concrete and Fe 415 grade steel. Draw the longitirdinal section of continuous beam and cross sections of beam at midspan, support sections (20 Marks) and column section as well. Give the bar bending schedule for the beam. 3,,,, The dog legged stair of a building provided in between ground and first floor of height 3.3 m has the following details: Thickness of stair hall wall: 300 mm Size of stair room : 25mx 4.5m Thickness of waist slab: 160 mm Area of main steel required: 900 mm2 M26 grade concrete and Fe 415 steel are used. Draw: a. Plan showing geometry of the stair b. Sectional elevation of each flight c. Bar bending schedule. I of2 (20 Marks)

  4. 4.t0cY62 PART -B Design a counterfort retaining wall for the following details Height of wall above ground level: 5.20 m Safe bearing capacity of soil: 180 kN/m2 Angle of repose of the soil: 30o Coefficient of friction between soil and concrete : 0.50 Unit weight of soil: 16 kN/m3 Use Mzo concrete and Fe 415 grade steel. Draw to a suitable scale; a. Cross section midway between counterforts b. Crois section througir counterforts. c. Sectional'elevation. d. Sectiondl,lilan. : (60 Marks) Design a portal fiame having an effective span of 9 m and an effective height of 4.50 m. The portals are spaced at:3"5 m c/c. The imposed load on slab iS 3 kN/m2. Assume SBC of soil as 125 kNim2. The base of columns are fixed. Use Mzo concrete and Fe 415 grade steel. Adopt depth of slab : 125 mB, size of column 300mm x 450mm and size of beam : 300mm x 600mm. Floor finish =",0.'15 kN/m2,'.prn* to a suitable scale a. Sectional elevation showing details of reiffircement in beam columns and footings. b. Sectional elevation of slab shoWin$.details of reinforcement in slab. (60 Marks) c. Cross section of beam and colurln':a1 important sections. ,,. ****,k.r.... 2 of2
  5. 5./ 10cv65 USN Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2013 /Jan.2ol4 Hydraulic Structures and lrrigation Design Drawing Max. Marks:100 Time: 4 hrs. Note: 7. Answer any TWOfull questions from Part-A and ONEfull questionfrom Part-&. 2. Any missing data may be suitubly assumed. .9 , = : o (.) 3P I a. b. 2 a. b. Explain the varioui modes of failure of gravity dam and m€ntio; their remedies. (05 Marks) Design the practicalir'ofile of a gravity dam of stone masolrry given the following data: R.L. of base of danr: 1450 m ; R.L. of FRL: 1480.5 m Sp. gr. of the masonry: 2.4 ; Safe compressive stress for masonry: 1200 kN/m2 (10 Marks) Height of waves : 1 m. 3 a. What are the causes of failure of earth damq? Explain them with relevant sketches. ^^t troo .= c (o<+ o> *,a a= (05 Marks) Explain the zones of storage in a reservoir. procedure for determining the storage capacity and yield of a reservoir Briefly expiain the (10 Marks) using mass,,curve. . 6 itO Y(J OE: FO PART _ A b. (05 Marks) Explain with a neat sketch, how would you determine homogeneous earthendams provided *ith horizontal filter. the line through (10 Marks) o() (g (! PART _ B a6 _?o 'ia Or: :9 oi o= aL= :o 5.v >'t bo=o0 o= o. bi F> :o v! o- U< iThe tank bund Design a sluice taking off from a tank irrigating 200 hectares at 1 through whieh the sluice is taking offhas a top width of 2 meters with 2:1 side slopes. The top level of bank is +40.00 and the ground level at site is +34.50: Good hard soil for foundation is available at +33.50. The sill of the sluice at offtake is +34.00. The maximum water level in tank is 38.00. The full tank level is +31.00. Average low water level of the tank is +35.00, The details of the channel below the sluice are as under. Bed level +34.00 F.S.L -34.50 Bed width 1.25 m (25 Marks) Side slopes l% to 1 with top of bank at +35.00 J t'i o o Z Draw : (i) Half plan at top and half plan at foundation (ii) Sectionalelevation (iii) Side elevation. o I of2 (20 Marks) (15 Marks) (10 Marks)
  6. 6.10cv6s Design a canal drop of 2 m with the following data: 1) Hydraulic particulars of the canal above drop Full supply discharge:4 cubic meters/second Bed width is 6.00 meters Bed level is +10.00 Full supply depth: 1.50 meters , F.S.L +11.50 ' Top of bank 2.00 m wide at level +12.50 Half supply depth : 1.00 m 2) Hydraulic particulars of canal below drop Full Supply discharge : 4 cubic meters/second Bed wiffi = 6.00 meters Bed level = +8.00 Full supply dipth: 1.50 meters ].,''.., ,: 'i' ,:, F.S.L +9..50 Top of bank 2.00 rneters wide at level +10.50 -l The ground level at the site of work is +1Q.59 Good soil is available foi fo,undation at +8:.50 .... Draw: (i) Half plan at top and half plan at fo'ilndation (ii1 Sectional elevation. (iii) Half sectional side elevation. . **{<** 2 of2 (25 Marks) (20 Marks) (15 Marks) (10 Marks)

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