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Brief Summary of the book sonata for harp and bicycle

fire escape, bicycle, harp15 people found this useful

Her alarm on her phone didn"t ring.3 people found this useful

Its where Jason Ashgrove first enters Grimes Building through the fire escape, and meets the ghost, William Heron.9 people found this useful

Massie Block is a rich girl who lives in Westchester, New York and has three best friends, Dylan, Kristen, and Alicia. They are the most popular girls in school. But her dad' … +6others found this useful

Love conquers all and don't make rash decisions!11 people found this useful

Artemis is recruited by the LEP to help them defeat the goblins. He helps them on one condition, they help him rescue his father who was kidnapped by the Russian mafia and bro … 3 people found this useful

a brief summary is a summary explaining what you ahve already learned. not a full one, they just want you to see what you have learn in the lesson. -teddybearr.17 people found this useful

¢Grimes Building, London¢Clerkenwell11 people found this useful

He uses it to get back in the Grimes Building later.6 people found this useful

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> A sundry is a conclusion or the out come of a discussion or essay . A brief is to tell what the sumary says in as few words as possible9 people found this useful

Miss Golden because she is more scared and concerned about the curse than Jason was.7 people found this useful

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Sonata for harp and bicycle in this short story there are two characters. jason and miss golden. the two characters work in grimes building. every night the building is left s … +28others found this useful

Artemis Fowl is a 12 year old criminal master mind who's father has gone missing. In order to get more wealth he kidnaps a fairy LEPrecon named Holly Short. The problem is, th … 11 people found this useful

Jason enters the building after 5:00, The ghost of the Wailing Watchman threatens Jason in the corridor, Jason and miss Golden fall in lone, Miss Bell answers the phone, The e … 8 people found this useful

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ms daisy,ms golden,the night watch men,and Jason +1other found this useful

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