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This fansign generator allows you to change the text in signs that people are holding. You can change the hand writting font, color and size (even add some effects like shadow and outlines). There are photos of over 300 people posing with blank signs, just fill in the blanks to add your custom messages.
People holding signs with your message hand written in them.
Put your own words on signs held by women and men (over 300 models posing with blank signs). You can make your own inspirational fan signs to show love from these people.
Make your own fake fan signs online from blank templates! Translate: Portugu�s | Fran�ais | Espa�ol | Deutsch | Italiano | Hebrew | Российская | 中文 | 한국어 | 日本語 | العربية

Sample fan signs generated (showing today's date & time, your IP, your city):
This is an actual on the fly image. This is a sample of just one of our fansign makers.

Can I link to this fun site?

Yes, please do link to us, we appreciate even simple text links! This is a very new and unknown site (March, 2010) so we need some fans to help promote this brand new fun tool!

As a bonus, when you link to, that page(s) will show up on our link page HERE (free instant link trading page, any URL that has our link will be posted the first time it is used). This will at least give you a link(s) in return and hopefully inspire more linkage from other websites. Similar fan sign sites that allow making of personalized fan signs should contact us for a link trade here on our main domain names (reciprocal links on each of our homepages).

A banner you can use:

What is a fan sign?

Ever see someone holding a homemade cardboard sign up at a sports game (hockey, football, baseball, cricket, rugby, etc) field, arena or stadium? Well that's a classic example of a sports "fan sign" (a sign a fan makes to cheer on their favorite team or player)! We have all sorts of people holding signs that you can change the words on.

A digital fan sign is basically any hand made (usually hand written too) sign (from paper sheets, posterboard, whiteboards, etc) with text that was made by a fan of yours (maybe a fan of your website/blog/forum, fan of your band, best friend). Often the person who created the fan sign will pose to a camera to capture a photo of them with the sign they made (converted to a JPG web image). These signs are made with phrases or nicknames that prove the sign was made for someone in particular so they cannot be used on any site. These passed on signs then get displayed online

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like trophies on various websites, the more collectors have, the more they feel that people admire them.

What is a "sign generator"?

A sign generator (AKA image generators) is similar to the tools we have here (except here we have people holding signs only), customizable graphics where you take a photo of a sign (can be restaurant/business signs, roadside signs, school signs, government signs, safety signs, etc) and change the text to make it personalized. The biggest difference is a sign generator can be any type of sign from large fancy church signs to signs panhandlers are holding. Go to to see many examples of sign generators.

Can I have my fan sign playable here?

 Please send your digital photographs of your blank fan signs (will accept royalty free stock photography too; samples) you posed for to our email address and you will see it on here soon! If you are on FaceBook, you can upload a photo to our fan page. Please make images the original file from your camera if possible (if not, please keep images larger than 1000 pixels height and/or width). This is a free chance to become a viral photo (fun web widget), your pose could become famous (be creative or silly)! You may promote a domain name at bottom of blank signs as long as it leaves mostly room for blank area. If your sign is not kid friendly, if will be put on our adult fan site (

How to trade fan signs with real people?

If you have patience and willing to barter with others, visit a friend's website where you can trade real fan signs made by living/breathing people (person will pose for a photograph with a custom fasign with your chosen message). You can even earn points or charge points for fansigners making fansigns and these points could buy you an Ipod! You should also search FaceBook, MySpace and other social networks for groups and fan pages for trading real life fansigns. We suggest making some fake fansigns as samples when requesting trades on your blogs & forums as some people may not know what fansigns are.

Suggestion Box (comment):

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