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Wonderful Underwater Paintings

The new ideas of painting art are constantly getting innovated, with time and generations. One of such interesting form of painting is the underwater painting. Underwater painting depicts the worlds under the ocean. It not only surprise people but also makes it feel real and authentic. For years, these paintings have acquired a special place in the minds of art lovers. Underwater Creatures Digital Painting Source Friends of The Sea Source Beautiful Lady Painting in Underwater Source The underwater paintings depict various scenarios of the sea life.

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A Step-by-Step Abstract Art Painting Demonstration

Abstract Art © Karen Day-Vath 2004 Abstract art is not the kind of art Karen Day-Vath (view personal website) had foreseen herself creating, but her painting has developed in that direction and the results have been well received. Here Karen provides insight into how she creates one of her pieces of abstract art, entitled Universal Ties. In her own words: "I am a self-taught artist and have been painting with oil on canvas now since 2002. I never thought I would do anything in conjunction with abstract painting. I painted mostly florals, landscapes, and I guess you would call it self expressionism.

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The World of Fantasy: 40 Surreal Abstract Photography Examples

The concept of abstract photography is what appears to the eyes as random swathes of color and shapes tossed into a scene. A photographer takes an otherwise ordinary shot and takes it at just the right angle or focus to create a masterpiece of colors, patterns and textures. Abstract photography is totally based on your photographic eye. It’s when you’re looking to capture an object in some unusual way to show it from a different point of view. A true abstract shot is the one you look at and can’t understand from the first glance. But, as a matter of fact, it means that the photographer managed to catch your attention and show off his intriguing, personal insight of the object.

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Concrete Thinking

Concrete thinkingis literal thinking that is focused on the physical world. It is the opposite of abstract thinking. People engaged in concrete thinking are focused on facts in the here and now, physical objects, and literal definitions. The term “concrete thinking” is, ironically, a metaphor (and a metaphor is a type of abstract thinking); concrete is a hard, physical substance and concrete thinking is focused on literal–and often physical–facts. A person who thinks only in concrete terms might think that the term “concrete thinking” means thinking literally about concrete.

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Paint Dramatic Flowers in Acrylic with Mark Mehaffey

For Endless Variety, Paint Acrylic Flowers There’s a long tradition of painting flowers, but no matter how many paintings we see, they never seem to get old; probably because there’s an infinite number of colors, styles and compositions to bring something so beautiful and dramatic to the page. Whether Perhaps it’s the desire to lend permanence to something with a life so fleeting; perhaps we just love the clean lines and bright pops of color. From Georgia O’Keefe to Vincent Van Gogh, the striking colors and lines of florals have inspired many an artist to interpret them in their own way.

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Creation Art Effects for After Effects

Creation Art Effects is an After Effects template and all-in-one art studio. It's jam-packed with effects for turning your video footage into living, moving works of art - in almost any medium you can think of! Just drop in your footage, animation, image, or text, and you'll be ready to export 50 realistic, customizable art effects, from pencil sketches to Van Gogh paintings, claymation to chalkboard, watercolors to graffiti, ink blots, legos, comic book, pastels, and so much more. Watch all50 effects in action! All art effects areeasily customized using convenient slider controls.

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Nonverbal Communication Abstracts

Nonverbal Communication Abstracts Martin, L. R. & Friedman, H. S. (2004).   Nonverbal communication and health care. In R. E. Riggio & R. S. Feldman (Eds. ), Applications of Nonverbal Communication. NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Abstract: Nonverbal communication – the use of dynamic but non-language messages such as facial expressions, gestures, gaze, touch, and vocal cues -- is especially important when emotions, identities, and status roles are significant, as well as in situations where verbal communications are untrustworthy, ambiguous, or otherwise difficult to interpret.

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News Center

In a contentious political environment, it’s comforting to know that some people prefer to argue about Bach. Cellists from Pablo Casals to Yo-Yo Ma have interpreted and played Johann Sebastian Bach’s six Cello Suites in very different ways, with music scholars analyzing and debating every nuance. . . . Nominate a Book for UCSB Reads 2018Even though we're still anticipating UCSB Reads 2017 author Luis Urrea’s talk on April 24 in Campbell Hall, it is not too early to start thinking about a book for UCSB Reads 2018.   The advisory committee will start to convene in late spring and throughout the summer to select next year's book, and.

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Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Well there are actually quite a few more free coloring pages for adults to be found here as some come in packs of two! From zentangle to intricate designs all perfectly therapeutic and great de-stressers! This post contains affiliate links. Color the Stress Away If you’ve been caught up by the grown up coloring craze (and if by any wonder you haven’t been you should give it a go) you’re going to love these freebies! We have made quite a selection of some of the most amazing sheets out there, from mind blowing freebies from the big names like Johanna Basford to intricate designs by indie artists (myself included).

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Artistic abstract background in purple tones

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