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How Do I Write a Business Abstract?

by Oscar Guzman 1. Write the full report. A common mistake in writing a business abstract is attempting to write an abstract before completing the report. Before you can write a summary, however, you must complete the work you are summarizing, whether it's a business plan, marketing plan or financial report. 2. Highlight and create a checklist of the important information and conclusions contained in the report. You will want to include these details in the abstract. 3. State the goal you set out to achieve and your motivation for achieving them.

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BLAST Ring Image Generator (BRIG): simple prokaryote genome comparisons

Nabil-Fareed Alikhan 1, Nicola K Petty 1, Nouri L Ben Zakour 1 and Scott A Beatson 1 Email author BMC Genomics201112:402DOI: 10. 1186/1471-2164-12-402©  Alikhan et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.  2011 Received: 10 April 2011Accepted: 8 August 2011Published: 8 August 2011 Visualisation of genome comparisons is invaluable for helping to determine genotypic differences between closely related prokaryotes. New visualisation and abstraction methods are required in order to improve the validation, interpretation and communication of genome sequence information; especially with the increasing amount of data arising from next-generation sequencing projects.

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Abstract data types in C

You're well acquainted with data types by now, like integers, arrays, and so on. To access the data, you've used operations defined in the programming language for the data type, for instance by accessing array elements by using the square bracket notation, or by accessing scalar values merely by using the name of the corresponding variables. This approach doesn't always work on large programs in the real world, because these programs evolve as a result of new requirements or constraints. A modification to a program commonly requires a change in one or more of its data structures.

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What is the abstract noun of humble

The noun 'history' is an abstract noun, a word for a  concept. 6 people found this useful Concrete. (You can see it, feel it, bite it!)3 people found this useful The word 'act' is both a noun (act, acts) and a verb  (act, acts, acting, acted).   The noun 'act' is an abstract noun as a word for something  that is done; a law made… 4 people found this useful The word 'research' is an abstract noun. Research is a process, to seek information or answers to questions. Research is not something physical, it's a mental or intellectual… +9others found this useful The noun anger is an abstract noun.

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Excerpted from Beachy/Blair, Abstract Algebra ,2nd Ed. , © 1996 Groups, in general Cyclic groups Permutation groups Other examples Cosets and normal subgroups Factor groups Group homomorphisms Some group multiplication tables Forward | Back | Table of Contents | About this document Groups, in general 3. 1. 3. Definition. A group (G,·) is a nonempty set G together with a binary operation · on G such that the following conditions hold: (i) Closure: For all a,b G the element a · b is a uniquely defined element of G. (ii) Associativity: For all a,b,c G, we have a · (b · c) = (a · b) · c.

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Abstract dictionary definition | abstract defined

Definitions thought of apart from any particular instances or material objects; not concrete expressing a quality thought of apart from any particular or material object:beauty is anabstractword not easy to understand because of being extremely complex, remote from concrete reality, etc. ; abstruse theoretical; not practical or applied designating or of art abstracted from reality, in which designs or forms may be definite and geometric or fluid and amorphous: a generic term that encompasses various nonrealistic contemporary schoolsOrigin of abstract; from Classical Latinabstractus , past participle ofabstrahere , to draw from, separate ; fromab(s)- , from +trahere , to draw a brief statement of the essential content of a book, article, speech, court record, etc.

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Getting Started with Abstract Macro Photography

Editor’s Note: This is part a series on macro photography this week. Look for a new one each day. The next newsletter will have them all if you miss any! Lines and light can emphasize your subject Macro photography truly is a unique genre of photography. In most of the other types of photography (landscape, portrait, sport, etc. ) you want to get the context of your scene in the image. In macro photography, you can literally focus in on what’s important and remove any distractions by simply getting closer. One of the best things about macro photography is that you can do it anywhere, all you need is something to photograph.

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10 New Artists to Watch in Abstract Painting

Artsy EditorialBy Francesca GavinJun 5th, 2014 5:33 pmMake a single visit to an art fair, contemporary auction, or international gallery, and one thing is clear—abstract painting is very popular. Yet behind the wave of artists being flipped, there are numerous painters exploring paint as a medium and abstraction as an approach, who are smart, engaging, and visually arresting. Here are ten of them. Kika KaradiKaradi makes work by creating stencil-like compositions out of masking tape, cardboard, and other flotsam, and transferring compositions of black ink and paint onto linen, using glass.

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Letra 'Coolin' de Abstract Rude -

[Mr. Mixx cuts up] (Hit it) [VERSE 1: Fresh Kid Ice] Coolin' in Miami one summer day Drivin down the streets along the bay My girls' hair's blowin' in the breeze Her skin's gettin' tanned 'cause it's 90 degrees I took her home and met the homeboys Before gettin' bored we'll avoid the noid Went to Opa Locka, jumped in Luke's jet To the Bahamas and Mixx said, "Bet" We landed in Naussau, when walkin downtown We met four females, all of were down Went to the beach on Paradise Isle We played water sports and had sex for a while Before we knew it it was time to go 'cause the very next day we had a show We'll let the people see that 2 Live is rulin' (Now back to the crib where we'll be coolin') [VERSE 2: Brother Marquis] Coolin' with the posse, playin' it hard Rollin' two deep as I drop the top Beams from the sun light up the city As I roll through sidin', sittin real pretty It's a hot summer day and I feel good So I turned up some music and hit the neighborhood Spoke to the brothers, sweatin' the ladies I bumped into my homeboy Ice in the Mercedes Went up on the ave.

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Noun Worksheets

The grammar worksheets on this page can be used to help students understand nouns. Topics include identifying basic nouns, common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, and collective nouns. Noun Cut & Glue (Basic) FREE  Cut the nouns and paste them in the correct column - people, places, and things. 1st through 3rd Grades Common and Proper Nouns FREE  Determine whether each noun is common or proper. If the noun is common, write "common noun" on the line. If the noun is proper, re-write the noun using correct capitalization. 2nd through 4th Grades Underline the common nouns with a blue crayon.

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