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Call for Abstracts | YTH Live | the youth + tech + health conference

The YTH Live Program Committee reviews abstracts for innovative projects, research, and products (technology) and help shape our conference.

All submissions must be non-promotional. Abstracts that discuss commercial products, technologies, or services must provide competitive context, and show no commercial bias.

Evaluation Criteria

The most successful abstracts will include visionary uses of technology for youth health that go beyond traditional applications of mobile, texting, and social media. Priority consideration will be given to abstracts that feature:

  • youth-led and/or youth-designed innovations and interventions that are community-focused and culturally competent
  • transformative collaborations and partnership strategies that engage and empower parents, communities, or stakeholder institutions
  • breakthrough studies and research that offer ideas and opportunities for practitioners to develop effective outreach and engagement approaches for youth health
  • innovations that foster diversity and inclusion, and build empathy and collaboration

YTH encourages sessions that cover one or more of the following topics concerning youth:


  • health disparities among adolescents and engaging youth in their own health
  • mental health, bullying, or suicide prevention
  • substance use and abuse, including alcohol and meth
  • sexual health, including prevention of HIV, teen and unplanned pregnancy, and dating violence
  • inter-generational immigrant health
  • sexuality continuum and gender identity health issues
  • support and access for homeless youth, foster youth, and transgender youth


  • inclusive community technology projects
  • measuring impact, big data, the quantified self, and wearable technology
  • disruptive innovations and emerging trends
  • new media, social media, mobile apps, and mHealth
  • open source solutions
  • digital storytelling for advocacy
  • interactive education, such as MOOCs and classroom experiences
  • crowdfunding
  • games and gamification

Abstract Format

Explain how your session meets the evaluation criteria, and describe the health significance of your project, research, or product. Include a brief description of your session for use on our website.

Abstract (250 word limit total for all three parts):

Part I: Describe

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your project, research, or product. Include who it aims to reach, the specific technologies used and the role it plays, and the health goals addressed.

Part II: List three main points or learning objectives that your presentation will include. If presenting research, include information about the study’s purpose, methodology, and results.

Part III: Explain how your presentation is important to the field of youth health and technology.

Program Description (150 word limit): This is your chance to entice attendees to come to your session—explain your topic in a way that is compelling and interesting. This brief description will be included in the conference program.

Keywords: Please provide 5 keywords that describe your presentation, who it reaches, the technology used, and the health goals addressed.

Example 1: reproductive health, mHealth, research, pregnancy, teens

Example 2: HIV/AIDS, online advocacy, social media, LGBTQ, youth leadership

Presentation Format

YTH is dedicated to creating ample opportunity for dialogue between presenters and attendees. We encourage creative, interactive, experimental, and non-traditional session formats. YTH reserves the right to form panels where appropriate.


Friday, October 28 November 4, 2016: Abstract submissions are due via the Abstract Submission Form. You will receive an email confirming that YTH has received your abstract.

December 9, 2016: YTH will notify you via email whether your presentation has been accepted or not. If your abstract is accepted, you’ll receive a request to confirm your availability to attend YTH Live. Later, YTH will send information about your presentation format, session date and time, technical needs, and any edits to your session’s program description.

Speaker Responsibilities

Each presenter chosen is responsible for all expenses related to participation in YTH Live, including registration, transportation, accommodations, and non-included meals.

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